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Providing home organization and photo organization in Springfield, IL and surrounding areas. We offer organizing services so busy families and professionals can spend more time enjoying life and making memories."

Home organization and

Photo Organization


Welcome to The Sorted Home! I'm Megan and I love to organize. Seeing an organized space brings such a calming presence. Clutter, on the other hand, takes up mental space and interferes with our daily tasks. Does this ring true for you? Life can get so busy and it becomes very easy for our homes to get cluttered. However, good organization systems can provide the serenity in our homes that we all deserve!  I'd love to help you get sorted into a system that works for your lifestyle and can be easily maintained. 



Let's Meet!


My Services

Clothes Hangers


your Free Consultation!

Whether you're looking for home organization or photo organization, let's take a few minutes to review what area is most concerning for you.  The consultation can take place in your home or virtually, depending on your comfort. 

Piles of Paper

One time session or ongoing maintenance plan

I love to file! If it's not something you find yourself saying, let me take it off your to-do list and get your papers filed and under control and filed into a good system. In this digital world, we can also discuss which papers are needed and help decide how much you want to digitize your files. 


Don't Let the Clutter Overwhelm or Add Stress to Your Life

Often the best start to organization is by sorting and de-cluttering. Then we can see how the space is best used and to get it organized.  Whether a small drawer, a closet, or your entire house, I can help you set up a system that works for your lifestyle.

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Get Your Photos Backed Up and Organized

Stop the stress associated with the possibility of losing your photos. Getting your photo system backed up is a great place to start. Then, improve the way you enjoy your memories by getting your photos organized so that you can search, rather than scroll, for any specific photo or event.  

Moving Boxes

De-clutter for a move or unpacking assistance

Lessen the stress associated with a move.  Start by de-cluttering so you're not moving items that you don't want. Then allow yourself to feel settled more quickly with help with unpacking and getting your items put away with a systematic approach from the beginning.

Wedding Photo Album


Photo Books

Made for You

Making photo books can be quite time consuming and with our daily demands, it is hard to find time to finish a photo book. Don't feel guilty that you don't have a book for your kids, a specific event or your favorite trip.  It is never too late and you are not alone. Let's get started on those photo books!

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