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Love of organization, meet love of photos

Since I was young, I've felt the legacy of photos. Even then it seemed important for information about the photo to be accessible to future generations. So, each time I developed film, I would write on the back of each photo with details such as who was in the photo, as well as where and when it was taken. Then, I would be sure to place each photo in order, in a photo album. Now, this is not the industry recommendation for print photos, but the idea remains the same for digital photos.  Ideally, our collections will have identifiable information embedded into the digital storage. Perhaps this is important more than ever now, given the number of photos we take. What does your photo collection need to ensure its legacy?

Digital Photo Storage


Our digital photos are vulnerable! Do you worry about losing your photo collection and those memories? Does the panic about that possibility cause you to freeze and then avoid taking any action? You are not alone! This is a miserable feeling that maybe we ignore all too frequently. However, this should not be a risk you take with something so important! Fortunately, I can help you get set up with the industry standard 3-2-1 back up. 

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