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Gardening is Like Organizing??

Ok, understandably, you might not give much thought to this, but I sure do! Ultimately both activities require attention to detail, patience, and a vision for the end result. Let's dig a little deeper into these similarities:

Organizing your home is similar to taking care of a garden

  • Weeding - Taking Out What Isn't Needed

Just as we remove weeds from our gardens, we need to declutter our spaces. If the clutter exists, this is the place we need to start. Take the time to identify what doesn't belong and remove it to make room for what truly matters. Whether it's dandelions in your flower bed or extra coffee mugs in the kitchen cabinet, getting rid of what's unnecessary is the first step to a more beautiful space. Once these have been collected, be sure to get rid of them as soon as possible. If this step isn't taken, it's a lot easier for more weeds and clutter to grow and continue to make it difficult for us to see the beauty in our space.

  • Taking Inventory of What's Left

Once you've cleared out the clutter (or weeds), it's time to take stock. What plants are thriving? What items do you actually use and love? Are there plants or items you would like to be on display but haven't had the space for this before? This step helps you appreciate what you have and identify any gaps that need filling.

  • Rearrange to Find a Better Fit

Here's where the fun begins! Just like moving plants to find their perfect sunny (or shady) spot, reorganizing your belongings can breathe new life into your space. Maybe that lamp would look better in the bedroom, or perhaps those perennials would thrive near the fence. It's all about finding the right place for everything to fit, but not in a way that will overwhelm the space. .

  • Find the Right Setting or Storage

In gardening, this might mean choosing the right pot or creating the perfect soil mixture. In organizing, it's about finding the ideal storage solutions that will work best for you and others in your household. The right container can make all the difference, whether it's a decorative planter for your succulents or a sleek filing system for your home office. Chances are good that if the storage system isn't right for your lifestyle, you won't use it and the clutter will quickly build up again.

  • Maintenance is Key

Just like a garden needs regular weeding to stay beautiful, an organized space requires ongoing attention. Set aside time for "maintenance weeding" in both your garden and your home to keep both clutter free.

  • Bonus: Peace and Beauty

Both gardening and organizing offer a sense of peace and accomplishment. There's something incredibly satisfying about stepping back and admiring your well-tended garden or newly organized closet. It's a visual representation of your hard work and care. What's more, both can provide health benefits by reducing stress, providing light exercise, and boosting your mood.

I hope you're finding areas in your life where you can apply these principles. Whether you're cultivating a lush backyard oasis or creating a more organized pantry, remember that both activities are about creating beauty, functionality, and harmony in your environment.

So, grab your gardening gloves (or your organizing bins) and get started! Your perfect space is waiting to bloom.

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