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"Working with a Professional Organizer: What to Expect During Your First Session with The Sorted Home"

Answering questions you might have about working with a Professional Organizer

The Sorted Home
Let's Get Organized!

Once you've reached out, we will schedule time for a brief conversation over the phone. During this time, we review your goals and frustrations, and if you're ready to take the next step towards organized living, we'll set an initial appointment to review the spaces in your home. What you may be wondering about this first meeting....

The Basics:

  • Typically, 60 minutes is reserved for this initial assessment to help understand the habits, lifestyle, and organizational needs of the household.

  • Consultations with The Sorted Home are billed at the hourly rate. However, going forward with your organization goals, you will receive a credit for an hour of organizing time.

  • You do not need to worry about cleaning or moving anything in your home! It's best for a professional organizer to see how day-to-day life is for you.

What will be reviewed:

  • Discussion of goals - As we walk through your spaces, we'll talk about your challenges, as well as your goals and needs for each area in your home and what you envision for that space to be in the future

  • Household Members - This was likely discussed some during the phone call, but as we walk through, it helps to paint a picture of who lives in the home. It's helpful to get an idea of lifestyle habits, and how is the space currently used. It's important to set the spaces so everyone can use them as effectively as possible.

  • I might take measurements of your spaces to get an idea of what storage solutions might be helpful. However, it's often best not to purchase product until the decluttering has been completed and we know what the storage needs will be for your space.

What I'll be thinking about:

  • Assessing your Current Systems - As we move through the home and discuss your goals and challenges, I'll be thinking about what modifications might bring ease to your life.

  • Considering the Organizing Styles - There isn't one answer to organization. Some people are visual and want to see their items, while others do not. Similarly, the degree to which we organize can be flexible as well, even between rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.

  • Tailoring with a Personalized Approach - Each individual within a family or household might have different lifestyles and needs, so this needs to be considered throughout the organizing process. For example, what works for one child's bedroom, might not be the best approach in another's.

  • Develop Organizing Strategies - There might be some product that could be useful, but there are many options, depending on your budget.

What working with this professional organizer will NOT include:

  • I will not be judging you!!! I can't emphasize the truth in this enough. This is often a concern clients have and I get it. The way we live in our home is personal and no one wants to feel judged. But, trust me when I say that I understand how busy life can be and how challenging it is to keep up with all the tasks that come with maintaining some order in our home. I also believe in client confidentiality and will not share your personal information or details specific to your home.

  • Setting my own agenda. All plans for change will be something that you agree with, including any items for disposal or donation. Remember that I am here for you and to help bring ease to your life!!


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