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Fall into Order: Home Organization for the Autumn Season

How to get sorted and maintain organization through the season changes

-Declutter: A favorite place to start! This is a common step in most organizing tasks so you'll see this frequently recommended. As the season changes, go through your home and note which items you can donate or which need to be stored away for some time. This helps you keep your space tidy and opens up for the possibilities of new items. It will also make it easier to find what you need, minimizing stress for you!

-Seasonal Decor: Along this note, as you're changing your home decor for the fall season, take time to consider whether you still enjoy the decorations and trinkets around you. It's likely that most items will return to the space again, but if there is something you're not interested in, don't continue to store it year after year! Do this for both the items you're setting aside to make space, as well as the decorations you bring out for the fall. If you can make the decision about fall decor now, it's a great time to drop at your local donation center so someone else to find it and love it for their home this season!

-Rotate Wardrobes: Whether the room in your closet is tight or you have ample space, it's nice to have ready access to the clothing you'll be using this season. Save yourself time and frustration by eliminating the need to track down items that you're interested in wearing this time of year. If you have growing children in the home, there's a good chance they've outgrown pieces of clothing since last year. If you don't have someone to receive the hand-me-downs, set it into donation bin immediately and schedule a time for drop off once the container is full. Look to space-saving options such as: an unused bedroom/closet, vacuum-sealed bags, under the bed storage, or the top shelf in your closet.

-Outdoor Equipment: How is your outdoor time changing this fall? These transitional months can be a little more challenging since that lawn is still getting mowed as well as raked some days. We can't put the bikes away quite yet either! Designating a home for all outdoor equipment helps keep order in your garage. Don't forget vertical space options and consider what can be stored on your walls!

-Storage Solutions: If you've taken some of the steps listed, you will likely require bins to keep what you're not currently using contained, yet readily accessible when their season returns. One option to keep it easy and fun is to use a different color for each season. Clear bins are always an option too and both of these systems can eliminate a need for labels if you choose not to use them. Remember, if you like to change your decor out regularly, keep items stored in bins according to the timing of when you'd pull it out. If you take the time now to set this up, it'll make your future self happy when you're saving time by easily grabbing the designated bins!

-Review and Reflect: Take this time to assess your organization methods. What worked well last season and what needs improvement? Adjust your approach accordingly. Remember that home organization is an ongoing process, and adapting to seasonal changes can help you maintain a tidy and functional living space. As always, if you're finding this too challenging or that you don't have time for these steps, The Sorted Home is happy to help you start this next season off feeling .


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