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Photo App Clutter? Your Notes App Can Help Improve Photo Organization on your Mobile Phone

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Declutter Your Photo Gallery with Note-taking Apps

When you browse through your photos app, what do you find? Among the cherished memories and special moments, you'll likely stumble upon screenshots, reminders, and memes. While these images capture random aspects of our lives, they don't necessarily need to occupy space in our cherished memories forever. That doesn't mean we want to get rid of them altogether though, as many can be very useful in our lives!

Fortunately, we can make it happen with the help of note-taking apps available on both iOS and Android platforms. Whether you're an iPhone user and use the Notes app or prefer an Android and Google Keep is your tool. Of course there are many options with either smartphone, but these free apps can easily revolutionize the way you organize your digital life.

Improve Photo Organization using Mobile Notes App
Organized Digital Files in Notes App

Here's a practical approach: begin by selecting a portion of your photos, such as the beginning of last month and then work your way backwards through the year. As you sift through your memories and encounter images that don't quite belong in your photo gallery, start creating and naming folders in your notes app. Keep in mind you can add subfolders as well - I like to use these for different family members, or various aspects of health maintenance, like skincare products and workout routines. What's more, features allow you to easily share with others, move folders around, and search.

Check out these ideas for decluttering your photo gallery and improving your digital organization with note-taking apps:

  • Recipes: For all those culinary discoveries that you'd like to try or that have become a household favorite.

  • Reminders: You grabbed a screenshot to remind you of something - keep it safe and organized.

  • Memes: Save those hilarious internet finds in a designated folder for a quick laugh.

  • Quotes: Inspirational or witty quotes can have their own space for easy reference.

  • Favorite Sayings: Keep a record of your personal mottos and favorite sayings.

  • Videos: Store videos, from memorable clips to helpful tutorials, for later viewing.

  • Books: Keep track of your reading list and book recommendations.

  • Files: Organize important files and documents that you want at your fingertips.

  • Wishlist: Maintain a wishlist of items for yourself or gifts you think would be good for your loved ones.

  • Travel: Plan your trips, save itineraries, and capture travel inspiration.

**BONUS! You can store website links in the notes app, such as your wishlists or travel folders. Think how much this can simplify planning such as your shopping endeavors or travel plans!

Devote even a few minutes to set up this folder structure whenever you have some downtime – be it while waiting for an appointment or relaxing and watching your favorite show at night. By utilizing note-taking apps and thoughtfully categorizing your digital content, you can maintain a clean, organized photo gallery while still having quick and convenient access to the information that matters most. Think how nice it would be to just see your precious life moments and loved ones when you tap on that photos app!! Be sure to delete the image from the photos app once you have it saved in your notes app!

Need further assistance with Photo Organization? Click here to schedule a brief phone consultation to explore options for Digital and Print Photo Organization and back up, Photo Book Design and creating your Photo Legacy for generations to follow!


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