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Back to School! - Developing Habits to Stay Organized

6 Tips for implementing a Back to School System to help stay Organized all year long.

How to stay Organized throughout the Year
Kids Heading Back To School

Habits play a crucial role in helping you stay organized. While reminders might be necessary at first, automatic behaviors can be formed with consistency. Consider the following steps and how they can help reduce the stress you might experience. Making these decisions now can help the habits form that much earlier! As you review the steps and begin implementing, also consider your child's personality and evening activities. Should homework get done immediately or does having a snack/downtime make sense first? Organization is not one size fits all and should always be tailored to each individual/family. How can these tips fit into your family structure?

Tip #1 - Set Up Your drop station

Ok first things first - if you already have school-aged children, you know the storm that can arrive when the kids get home. Their bladders are full, they're hungry, thirsty, hot, tired, and hopefully happy to be home! Within that storm exists your child's backpack, lunchbox, shoes, jacket, etc. It can be quite the spread if we allow it! To keep your home organized, designate where each item should be placed each day. Backpacks emptied at the table? Sure, but then where should it be placed once done with it for the evening? Get your child in the habit of doing this ASAP!

Tip #2 - Review what needs to get done

Speaking of the backpack...what's inside there? Our younger kids probably need us to help with this step. Check that lunchbox for leftover food that didn't make it into the trash! Get the dishes to the sink/dishwasher. Was any paperwork sent home that you need to address? Does your child have homework? Attending to this task when you get home helps diminish the panic at the end of the night if there's something that you or your kids need to get done before the next school day.

Tip #3 - Make Decisions on Paperwork Immediately

Kids are coming home with less paperwork these days fortunately, though it certainly still exists! Make a decision on how you'll handle that paperwork and stick to it. We can't keep it all without adding a great amount of clutter to our home. What gets recycled? What should be filed away for longevity and where does that exist? Try to make a judgement call on which art projects to keep. Will you scan them or file them away in a box for that child? I know it can sometimes be difficult to throw art projects away, so start with the ones that are easiest first (you know - the ones that aren't going to be the masterpieces!). Make these decisions early on to help from feeling out of control with the paper clutter .

Tip #4 - Review Schedules Regularly

Find a day each week that you can review the upcoming schedules of each person in the household. Have an idea of who and what is needed each day to coordinate activities and transportation in addition to homework and any other priorities. Keep a family calendar accessible to all, jot down notes and/or set reminders as needed to keep you and other family members informed of the plans on a daily basis.

Tip #5 - Use Timers and Alarms

Set your timer and get everyone involved in a 10-minute clean up each night! This is a great way to keep the clutter to a minimum. Set alarms on devices or appliances for reminders such as when it's time to get ready for bed or time to get shoes on in the morning. Consider when it's the best time to choose outfits or make lunch decisions for the next day - it might be in the evening if the mornings feel too rushed. Who doesn't want a more smooth-running morning routine?!

Tip #6 - Don't Do It Alone

Ultimately, remember you're not the only one who should be working on these good habits. Make sure your kids involved too! Which steps are they able to complete and what should be their level of responsibility? In order to help keep them involved in some of these tasks, keep it accessible for your kids. Can they get their water bottle prepped? Adjust lower drawers and cabinets as needed so that the kids can readily access if they're helping pack a lunch. Depending on your child's age and maturity, determine where they can help and set them up for easy access. By making it easier for your kids to get involved, you're making it easier on yourself too!

Being Organized Is Beneficial To Everyone!

Giving our kids the independence helps you out, but it's also good for them to learn these skills! Remember to stay consistent. Habits take repeating in order to form, so don't give up too easily. However, be open to adjustments as needed, especially as the kids grow and can take on more tasks. If you're finding yourself struggling with developing your Back To School system or to find the time to set up on your own, visit to get in touch!


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