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Guide to Organized Vacation Planning

Summer is here!! Often it gets us thinking about vacation, a time to take a break from the day to day grind and relax. Read on to ensure you're taking a stress-free trip....haha just kidding. There's pretty much a guarantee to be some stress isn't there? Even when it's for a close weekend getaway, the trip can quickly become overwhelming. However, you can be organized in your vacation planning by taking these steps, lessening the stress and increasing the chances of an enjoyable vacation experience.

Relaxing on vacation with organized  planning
Relaxing on vacation

1. Do Your Research in Advance:

Once you've made the decision about where you're going, make sure you search the activities and restaurants in the area before you head out. You don't have to lock yourself into a strict itinerary if that's not how you like to vacation. However, checking out the options before you go can help you make the most out of your trip if you have an idea of what you'd like to do. Consider the interests of everyone on the trip and try to make sure each person is able to see or do something that is important to them. Don't forget yourself too!! Think about the weather, nap times, hours of operation, and cultural aspects, as well as any locations that require a scheduled time. Keep this list handy and reference during the vacation!

2. Set a Souvenir and Snack Budget:

If your kids are old enough, determine the amount you want to allot for snacks and souvenirs. It's so easy for kids to get caught up in the moment and want every snack and souvenir they come across. Rather than your kids begging for something all throughout the day, put your child in charge of what they purchase. However, when they run out of money, that will be the end of their purchases. You might have to have some discussions in the moment, but putting them in charge of their decisions can help diminish the amount of disagreements or pouting that might occur otherwise.

3. Notify and Prepare:

Before leaving for your vacation, think about who you need to notify. Your family or loved ones should be made aware of your trip. Do you need neighbors to keep an eye on the house, or check for packages? If you have pets, hopefully you've made arrangements for their care. As you get closer to leaving, it's a good idea to confirm these plans and show where all the necessary care-taking items exist in the home. Don't forget to put your mail on hold!

4. Gather Travel Essentials:

Think about items that you need to purchase and replenish before you leave, especially any medication refills. Others to consider are your toiletries and whether you need or want travel sized items. Consider the weather and the various needs for your wardrobe. Will you need passports or other documents for the travel? Designate an area in your home to gather what you don't use regularly, but know you'll need for your trip and utilize a list to minimize what you might forget. Finally, give thought to what you'll need to charge your phone throughout each day, especially if you're using digital tickets at any point in the trip. Using a public USB port has its convenience, but puts you at risk of juice jacking if hackers have modified the port. Instead, recommendations are to use a power outlet, a portable power bank, or a USB data blocker.

Packing it all up:

By following these tips and strategies for vacation planning and preparation, you can alleviate stress, leading to a more memorable trip. From choosing the favorite sights, to organizing travel necessities, taking the time to plan and prepare will set the foundation for a truly rejuvenating and enjoyable vacation. So, start your planning process early, stay organized, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure!!!

**And when you come back, let's get those vacation photos backed up for safe keeping and consider making a travel photo book to document your memories!!**


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